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Incoherent half asleep thought but what if Riku sometimes builds up like a residual charge of dream eateryness in the waking world which causes his subconscious to slip into the realm of sleep when he goes to sleep, but in a way more intense and literal way than when normal people dream because he’s a creature OF the realm and not just a visitor. So he ends up not getting any rest because he’s fighting random nightmares the whole time, which is especially bad since when regular people get hurt or die in a dream they just wake up, but he could actually wake up with physically manifested injuries or simply die in his sleep.

But then Sora figures out that since Riku is primarily HIS dream eater, he can pull him out by linking with him to quickly burn off the weird dream eater aura that’s keeping him stuck inside the realm of sleep where dream eaters are supposed to stay.

And it doesn’t happen super often, but better safe than sorry and Sora is a pretty deep sleeper so it’s probably just best if they share a bed and cuddle so Sora can feel it when Riku starts twitching like a dog dreaming about chasing stuff. Yup.


lmao don’t worry man, it’s not my genre at all.

Random idea: random member(s) of the Mallverse group working at Freddy Fabear's Pizzeria.

Please direct mallverse questions to the mallverse blog. Well, future ones anyway. You probably shouldn’t bother with this one because my answer will just be “I had to google that and it doesn’t look like something I’d ever be interested in, so no.” 

I dunno if you're still doing them, but... RepliNami, either #3 or #12?

3: on the cheek

I’m so sorry, I went into the Replinami tag and was reminded of my favorite fanart of them, which is devastatingly beautiful. Mine is but a cheap imitation, but I needed to shake all these negative feelings out my pen somehow…

You're like a super awesome artist and like you have cool cosplays. Also your face is very nice

Thank you so much!

12 Repli/Nami? uwu

12: on the hand

youre a really good cosplayer!

Ah! Thank you o//w//o

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bringing this back around just in case you’ve had a bad day

my favorite thing about this post being popular is that people like you are using it to cheer other people up, that is rad, thank you for being rad

Sometimes I look at cosplay photos like “whoa, both of those are me?”

It’s “drawing on the wrong layer” o’clock so I think I gotta call it a night. Will I do more of these tomorrow? I cannot say. But I thank everyone who gave me prompts anyway ;u;